Your annual membership does so much including:

  • Educational and interpretive workshops and programs
  • Plan, promote and run special events
  • Assist with fund raising for special programs and projects
  • Provide volunteer projects, services and general assistance to the Refuge
  • Cultivate greater public awareness and appreciation of nature
  • Provide public awareness of the ecological importance of the Refuge
  • Environmental action to protect our Refuge and its environs
  • Special members-only events
  • 10% discount at our Nature Store

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Painted turtle (individual includes 1 pen) $20
Mallard (family includes 1 FOW pin) $30
Black Tupelo (includes 1 Bandana FOW) $50
White Oak (includes 1 FOW T-shirt) $100
Osprey (lifetime, includes all of the above) $500
Eagle (Corporate Sponsor) $250
(Gifts for new members only)

Other payment options:

* In Friends Nature Store at Visitor Center

* By mail: print and fill out the form below, send with check payable to

               Friends of Wertheim NWR, PO Box 376, Brookhaven, NY 11719